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Slides 41
Total Assessment Questions 28
Questions per Assessment 12
Assessment Pass Mark 80 %
GDPR Awareness - Intermediate

This course explains all the important concepts of the GDPR, data protection and security.

It covers why training is important for you and your organisation

We outline:

  • The 3 main responsibilities are and where you might come into contact with personal data along with good reasons to protect it.
  • Recognising and reporting incidents as well as dealing with any requests you might get from data subjects.
  • How best to secure any personal data you are exposed to and what considerations you should have concerning your own personal data.
  • Data breaches and the level of financial fines is presented along with other reasons to follow the GDPR.
Data subjects rights and the 6 principles of the GDPR, controllers and processors the role of the Data Protection Officer. You will be able to demonstrate compliance by ensuring your staff regularly retake the course and record completion and their scores at the end of course assessment.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the objectives of the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Learn what data protection is and in particular to personal data and data subjects
  • Familiarise yourself with essential terminology and the 6 GDPR principles
  • Know what rights data subjects have and how they should be upheld
  • Recognise when there might be a data breach and what you need to do about it
  • Respond to data subject access requests and direct them to the right person in your organisation
  • Find out just how significant a data breach might be and how much it could cost your employer
  • Find out the best ways to protect personal data
  • Learn about Data Protection Officers and what their role is within the GDPR

This course is designed for individuals who:

  • Have some line management responsibility
  • Have more than occasional access to personal data
  • Deal with customers or clients directly
  • Have technical access to systems that may contain personal data
  • Need to understand the GDPR and what it means to you and your organisation

Price per user:

1 - 5 £ 12.00 each excl. vat
6 - 10 £ 11.00 each excl. vat
11 - 50 £ 10.00 each excl. vat
51+ £ 9.00 each excl. vat
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