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Anti Corruption and Bribery


The policy comes complete with all the relevant sections most companies will need and is written in line with current guidelines.


  • Policy statement
  • Purpose
  • Scope and applicability
  • What is bribery?
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • What is not acceptable?
  • Facilitation payments and 'kickbacks'
  • Charitable Donations and Sponsorship
  • Record keeping
  • Responsibilities and raising concerns
  • Compliance and oversight
  • Training and communication
  • Monitoring and review
Anti Bribery and Corruption - Basic

The course explains the basic concepts of bribery and corruption. It covers the 4 main offences in the Bribery Act and some examples of each offence. There is discussion around the difference between gifts and hospitality and when they might cross the line. The course suggests some practical ways in which bribery can be avoided and how these relate to the 6 principles of prevention. The second part of the course discusses and describes other types of corruption, and why combatting bribery and corruption is important to you and your employer.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand what bribery and corruption looks like
  • Recognise the four main offences outlined in the Bribery Act
  • Understand the different types of bribery and what could happen if you fail to prevent bribery
  • Learn about the difference between a bribe and a gift, as well as the common indicators of a bribe
  • Outline the consequences of bribery and corruption to individuals and organisations
  • Raise awareness of the part employees can play in the fight against bribery and corruption

This course is designed for individuals who:

  • Might be at risk of bribery or corruption
  • Could be exposed to bribery and or corruption
  • Need to understand how to avoid bribery and corruption situations
  • Should have a basic understanding of how to prevent bribery and corruption
  • Might be in a position to bribe or corrupt

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51+ £ 5.00 each excl. vat
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